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2007-2009 Master in Interior Design - Florence Design Academy FDA - Italy

2002-2003: Diploma in feng shui as Interior consultant Hellenic feng shui academy Athens, Greece

1994-1996: Certificate in Creative Advertising Institute of Professional Establishment AKMI Athens, Greece

1990-1994: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Marketing Management The American college of Greece, Deree Athens, Greece


Big See Design Awards

35th photography award 

100 top photographers 

Dance photography

Pas de Deux Photo

Performance Portrait Top 10


Courses Attended

2021  Landscape architecture and plant design National Technical University of Athens Greece

2006 Training Managing successful projects ITC Arts, London

2001 Introduction to Interior Design  St Martins College of Arts, London, UK

2001 Multimedia courses–Director, St Martins College of Arts, London UK

1997 Web Design St Martins College of Arts, London UK

 1997 Photography courses, St Martins College of Arts, London UK



2015 Urban design friction Hackathon SGT ATHENS

         Presentation of group design 1 :19 minute and on in the live streaming.

2015   Jan -March Media electronic in Niarxos Foundation Athens .


Professional experience in detail

 Interior Designer ,3 d Modelling + Photographer

2023 - now Construction Management  ID Interiors Athens Greece

2013 -2023 Head Interior Designer ID Interiors Florence Italy

2013 Interior Designer for wood manifacturers stand at the 11th Commercial Enterprise in Volos Magnesia

2013 Interior designer + supervisor for domestic renovation at Illisia Hilton area Athens

2012 - 13 Interior Design for domestic renovation at Derveni Achaias a house from 1920 from plithia material made of mud and straw

2012 Competitions EDIKE -Greece / Biennale interieur Belgium

2012 Interior designer for Manicure -Beauty salon- Glyfada Athens

2011 Interior design construction + supervision house at Keramikos - Athens 2010 Interior design +supervision : house at Pefki -Athens

2009 Interior design +supervision : Houses at Illisia Athens 2007 Interior design House at Filothei - Athens

2007 Collaboration with "Techniki Arogi" Constructions. Decoration consultant. 2007 Interior design: Ziggy Hairstudio - Gazi Athens. Designing, supervising and arranging construction group.

2005-2006 Interior design :Loft apartment in Votanikos area of the city of Athens. Designing and supervising.

2006 Main photographer–Mykonos guide“ex not included” summer 2006 issue 2005 Main photographer–Mykonos guide“ex not included” summer 2005 issue 2004 Opening Ceremony of Paraolympic games – member of the dance team 2003-2004 Mousouri theatre: Theatre collaboration for Hitchcock blonde – directed by Adonis Kalogridis Photo material as slides show presented on the stage performance.

2000 - 2001 TV channel POLIS correspondent in charge of interviews, editing presenting in Buena Vida TV programme related to music and art. july 2000 Photo editor and main photographer on Mykonos guides - Mykonos guide “0289”

2000-present Permanent collaborations with: Diesel clothes Hellas Dance companies – Landscape Quasi-stellar Smack Amalgama

1997 - present I introduced the "fluffy snaps" (concept for deco structures involving still photos and light, framed in foam /plexiglass/steel). Interior deco projects for public and residential spaces, as well as, for TV commercials production design.

1990 - 2003 Freelance photographer for Terzopoulos Publications (Diva and Klik magazines), Imako Publications (Downtown magazine), Lemon magazine, Fit for fun, 01, Freeze, 10%, Taxidromos and also BMG record company. 1998 –present: Decoration with "Fluffy snaps" in:

1998  DECORATION Backstreet –café Massalias str, Athens

1998  DECORATION  Astron bar - café Psiri Athens

1999  DECORATION Bee Bar- Monastiraki Athens 1999 Milos club, Thessaloniki

1999  DECORATION “Underground”, clothes shop Kolonaki Athens 2000 “Dance floor” –clothes shop Solonos str ,Athens

2001 DECORATION  “Saturday” Clothes shop –Ag Paraskevi, Athens 2003 Monopolio Café, Monastiraki, Athens

2001 DECORATION  Hair line – hair studio kolonaki ,Athens

2002 DECORATION “Minimal” Orsalia Partheni clothes shop Kolonaki Athens 2002 DECORATION“Minimal” Orsalia Partheni, N. Erythraia, Athens

2003 DECORATIONEau – hair studio, syntagma square

2004 DECORATION Gazaki Bar – Gazi Athens

2005 DECORATION You Club , Gazi Athens

2006 DECORATION Eau – Hair studio Syntagma squ. Renovate the fluffy                  installation

2007 DECORATION Gazaki bar – Gazi Athens renovate with plexi fluffy version Exhibitions



2016 ADVP National School of Arts Athens  photos exhibition "Take a sea "

2014  Exhibition of "Mouries " Horse farm Skyros

2011 Skyros - Cultural centre "Sights and Horizons" - Πνευματικό Κέντρο στην Χώρα Σκύρου - " Βλέμματα και Ορίζοντες"

2008 Artiria - Lefkada "Aqua Bodies "

2007 Booze cooperative Athens – la soudage ( group exhibition theme on religions)

2007 Nomad festival – Music art dance_“ Breeze”

2006 Mad festival – Music and Dance festival Fluffy snaps and dance photos - Foundation of hellenic world Athens Greece - Ιδρυμα μειζονος Ελληνισμου - Αθηνα

2005 Mohnbluchen store Kolonaki -Athens fluffy snaps deco in a clothes shop . 2004 MAnifactura –Gallery Exarxia Athens fluffy present fish world

2003 Trash art – installation cinematographic story framed on recycled cans story photos with internal light topic of fashion Athens “Glass dress” by Chara Lebessi

2002 Art House club gallery - Thessaloniki the fluffy snaps

2002 MOMMY, Bar Lounge, Athens Solo exhibition in – "EYE spy"

2001 Thermaikos cafe bar thessaloniki – Greece The Fluffy Snaps goes coffee thessaloniki – Greece

2000 Milos thessaloniki “smart Art “group exhibition with objects of usage

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